Welcome to my homepage... this is a short summaryjellysg

I offer:

  • Psychotherapy for individuals
  • couples & family therapy
  • supervision and professional coaching

All sessions are held in the strictest confidence

A typical session... some examples:
Maybe you are in a crisis and need help to get out of it.
Maybe you and your partner are talking of divorce and need a neutral person to help in the process.
Maybe disagreements and violence are clouding your relationship and need help to break these dysfunctional patterns and find better ways of communication.
Maybe you need to reflect philodophically on your existential situation.
Maybe you suffer from stress related problems and need to find new ways of relating to that.

My philosophy...has grown out from three sources
Experience & reflections from many years of therapeutic work
Theoretichal education & curiosity
Working within myself and my relationships

A little about myself...
I have a broad experience from many years in different fields of social and psychoterapeutic work. Aside from being employed, mostly as a family counsellor, I have been running my own practice for about 15 years.

I have always been interested in the body with all its expressions and I have studied and held groups in Taji, Qigong and Zen meditation for many years